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Help get ‘Trust’ out into the world!

Click here to help get Trust out into the world : )

The Levins are a harmony-driven acoustic duo that took a leap of faith and moved to NY  (from CA) to play music full-time with a desire to uplift audiences!

They are hosting their first fundraiser for their new album – TRUST .  

The songs on Trust strike a universal chord that is inclusive and focuses on what we share as people on this planet.  The Levins’ songs offer strength, introspection and encouragement without pushing an agenda, religion or dogma. They simply celebrate the peace that comes from being in motion and remaining open to life.

By contributing to their IndieGoGo campaign, you will be doing much more than aiding in completing the recording, packaging, replication, and distribution.

“We will be making an album TOGETHER and we hope that the ripple we make will spread out concentrically until people are able to smile, despite the weather or nightly news!”- The Levins

Click here to help get Trust out into the world : )

“You’ve got to move to change the state you’re in – you’ve got to roll to strike all the pins, you’ve got to get on if you’re driving the bus – the race has begun and we must TRUST…”   Trust, The Levins