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Lifting poachers out of poverty

Here was an interesting story about conservationists coming into a region and seriously reducing the poaching of elephants, lions and other wildlife by teaching the poachers and women in the community farming, carpentry, metal working and how to raise bees.
It turns out that poachers get very little for the animals, a few blankets or some food.
COMACO (Community Markets for Conservation) has given the poachers and their families, a way out of poverty into a truer community. 
Win-Win! Reducing Human Poverty Eliminates Poaching …

Over a decade ago when conservationists in Zambia figured out the connection between poverty and poaching, when they learned the reason poachers hunted game w…
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  This is yet another example of how education with an aim to eliminate poverty leads to peace on a wider scale.
These same principles can be applied to the continuous powder keg in the Middle East.  Age old differences may continue but helping people cover their basic needs reduces the need to constantly strike out.
May your week build you up and engender hope.