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Stream of Light 9-17-14 and the 3 chief delights of living.

In the midst of preparation remember who we are preparing for.  Each guest is our best self. In clearing a space, we are clearing it for what we hope to come into our lives.  The time we seem to sacrifice in this preparation and the stress we subject ourselves to can create imagined projections that lure us into webs of unhappiness.  Clear your center and be grateful for what you consciously invite into your world.  Training and grounding, years of study, centuries of wisdom always come down to this moment and the choice we make right now.  Each action can be our craft and a chance to perfect the clearing . 
We flew into to CA on Monday and watched the movie Chef on the plane.  Even though the trailer, tells you the story, it woke us up again to three of the chief delights of living: Loving what you do, Music and great food!  (You know when a vegetarian wants a cuban sandwich, the film was powerful.)  Driving into SF yesterday with the new bridge and palm trees standing against the canvas blue sky, cranking the Chef soundtrackwe were filled with new hope.  Certainly the resurgence of the Tech bubble in the area, has livened the city up but it was getting to rehearse at the Dance Mission Theater with dancers, acrobats and clowns dedicated to their art that solidified our good feeling.  There were even babies crawling around laughing, crying, being taken care of by various members of the troupe amidst spontaneous choreography being set and coffee from Cafe La Boheme next door being spilled as we marveled and appreciated the talents we each uphold and the miracle of  moving the production forward towards something we all believe in: a transcendent happiness that you can partake in and bestow.
Afterwards, we walked five blocks to 19th and Mission to Taqueria Cancun where they grill their tortillas and make one of our very favorite burritos in the city, (Well, there is Little Chihuahua with its plantain  burritos- oh! SF is a burrito mecca!)  I always think of that episode of MASH where they airlift Adam’s Ribs in all the way from Chicago because it is the places that cook authentic outrageously great food that fortify us in mythical ways.
Whatever you are preparing for this week,  may you be fortified and be able to bestow a natural joy that will stick to your ribs and your mind’s eye for many years to come!