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Barely Contained with Sweet Can

“When the walls are plastered with headline disasters. Talking heads and newscasters predicting more rain, don’t go insane. Put some chocolate in your cup; take a sip from downside up.  Tarentella with a broom.  While you sing a little tune, sweep away the gloom. Sour can’t, sweet can. Sweet Can.” 
– The Levins
We are in Arcata, CA having passed over the tops of trees to get to a shore where we are free to clown around.  Julia and I are collaborating with our friends, the innovative and heart-lifting clown couple Coventry-Kaluza and two other astounding members of Sweet Can Productions, Zoe (Love Incarnate)  Klein and Jeremy (Chair Master) Vik.  Together we are presenting a show called Barely Contained.  That is just how I feel. 
Jamie on trashcan
Jaime Coventry, a Scottish gentle giant, as open as the horizon, said in this business the ‘name of the game’ is usually to have one routine or act and keep doing it, perfecting it over and over.  His wife and partner, Natasha Kaluza, a whirlwind force of hula-hooping comedic universal healing, and Jaime do have sigature routines that they continue to refine but they love to keep the gates of creativity open wide.  A pair of magic mills that churn out wonder.
Being with this troupe feels like being with super heroes.  They expand what is possible. There is an open invitation to play outside the fence of restricted convention. Even riding in an elevator where you feel that you are expected to observe the ackward silence, an extended foot may rise up in slow motion, inviting you to suspend the gravity of the moment. 
After working for a good eight hours, setting up the technical aspects of the show, we were all exhausted. This stripped away a layer of glamour from the notion of running away with the circus but not our awe.  There is so much love and dedication that goes into circus craft. It is a continuous refinement of body strength, cordination, flexibility, imagination, timing, skill as well as mental and soul endurence.  All to bring each new audience a heightened sense of life. Life as it can be, filled with joy, beauty and a dancing balance where everyone works together to kaliedescope hope into centered well-being. 
This is like being a part of a real medicine show without the hokum.  It’s the World Fair compressed into a temporal jem. We have already performed twice for local schools. We are going into our third preview this morning and our first public show is tonight. I will project you into the front row so you can be here to see it. 
May the love that you put into your day be a marvel that causes a passerby to loose and find their breath.
jeremy and natasha

Stream of Light 9-23-14 / Sweet Can Productions & The Levins World Folk Ensemble present: My Friend Hafiz

There are moments and days in our lives that we recognize as almost perfect.  Beautiful heavenly days.  While you can not hold onto them, you can draw from them and recall the serenity they provide to bring this moment into sharper focus.  Being grateful and recognizing what is sublime in our lives opens the door to more of the same.  There are always things within us that we can be grateful for.  By being in the state of conscious gratitude, not only do we recognize what is around us but we generate things to be grateful for and illuminate them for those around us.
“In the artistic community, we always talk about the transformative power of theater, music, and art, but I got to witness it first hand on the deepest level this weekend. Last night, a woman rushed down to Kerri Kresinski and me, and said, “That’s it. You did it. I’m going to quit my job. Life is too short to be miserable.” Ira Scott Levin said this show was the most important thing he’d ever done in his life. 
It seems like every show I’m in, becomes a part of the fabric of my being. What a marvelous piece to weave into my soul.” –
Natasha Kaluza
We were on the move again yesterday and today I can finally sit and reflect on what occurred this weekend.  We had a full week of rehearsals and only got everyone all in the same room to fully run our production of My Friend Hafiz by Sweet Can Productions with The Levins World Folk Ensemble on Thursday night. On Friday night as we opened, I stood there playing the songs and cried.
Somethings embrace synergy to such a high level that what emerges has always existed and always will.   I talk about time being spherical a lot, but it occurred to me that the reason the songs had come through and that we had recorded the album was for this very performance.  As the weekend progressed, we honed the show and the circle of musicians and the circle of circus performers  overlapped and spiraled up.  The thrust of the standing ovations was not just because the performers were so incredibly talented and that the clowns were so funny and that dances were so perfectly matched to bring the music and poetry forward but I believe the essence of what Hafiz achieved in his being somehow spilled over in a lighthearted pageantry of beauty and “benevolent thought, benevolent sound, benevolent movement around and around!”
Tomorrow is the Jewish New Year -may the circular nature of everything within you and around you be Sweet so that you know you Can shine out in the way you hope to.