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Rebecca Trobe- Impacting the Great Turning

Perimeters change as we contemplate who we are and what we can achieve.  Level the obstacles by mapping out a sure course and following the love inherent within your path.  Match unlimited aspiration with unlimited service.  We are the generators of positive change and benevolent reconfiguration.  The steel structures of binding separation weigh heavily on the shoulders of mankind. We are here to promote the memory of a balanced humankind with emphasis on the kind. To recognize one another and especially the role that women play for the true healing and reclaiming of this planet, we can shift away from our charade of domination and relax into a merging of our individual streams into an ocean that reflects the infinite.


rebecca-trobeYesterday Julia and I got to have lunch with our friend Rebecca Trobe who is incredibly delicious. Some friends give you a natural battery charge. My uncle Jeff used to say that if you run on your own, no matter how charged your battery is, you will run down. But if you plug into the wall socket you can keep going. Rebecca is plugged in. She is the founder of Impact Coaching & Consulting. She works with individuals, couples, families and philanthropic organizations to help them invest their wealth generationally towards things that will benevolently boost their communities and the world.

She talked about the circuit that is completed when folks with money who don’t know what to do with it are connected to things that really help foster positive change.  It not only lifts their esteem and gives them purpose but it ushers in hope. 

She talked about the circuit that is completed when folks with money who don’t know what to do with it are connected to things that really help foster positive change.  It not only lifts their esteem and gives them purpose but it ushers in hope.

Look at the Medici family in Italy. They might have been just a bunch of old rich villains but because of people like Rebecca, the Medici helped to bring us the Renaissance.

It’s all about using intelligence, charm and a juicy heart to direct people towards what is really possible.

She talked about the author Joanna Macy and The Great Turning, which is something that is taking place right now. It is a transition from Industrial Growth Society to a Life Sustaining Society.  The mindset of our society dictates what happens to the planet and all of us on it. This is determined by the way we set our goals and measure our success.  Success is measured in terms of growth and growth of what?   “Health, longevity, wisdom, beauty… or profit?” Ms. Macy points out that our economy is just trying to maximize one aspect, namely profit so we can’t sustain balance.  Actions that slow down destruction of the industrial society (soup kitchens, protest marching, legislation etc.) are not enough. We need alternative structures, ancient ways of growing foods, new education to wake each other up. But that is not enough.  Change must be deeply rooted in our values, in our belief of what is worthwhile.

The shift in consciousness is happening. Wisdom traditions are coming forward; science is coming up with new ways of seeing the interconnectedness of all life. (Quantum theory, Holographic theory, Chaos theory) There is a scientific and spiritual revolution that is bringing about this Great Turning and we are a part of it.

“It means that life can go on and that can be an exquisite reason to get out of bed in the morning.” – Joanna Macy


Knowing Rebecca as we do and how right on she is in terms of her authenticity and intention, we know that she is working for the Great Turning every day. Not only when she goes to work but when she is hanging out, wherever she is.  We are always encouraged and inspired when we see her because we remember that is our aim as well.

You are obviously a Great part of what makes life here so sweet.  Thanks for being here!  Let’s carry on together!

Wings of change

Opening the door to greater possibility for ourselves and the people we influence and care for feels like a weight-lifting session at times. With surrender, it can flow into us like a dream, like a poem. We invite our possibility in, forget that we have left the door open and are surprised when it is there.


Julia and I were listening to NPR’s Radio Lab on Saturday and they turned us onto something we didn’t  know about caterpillars turning into butterflies, namely that the caterpillar has its wings and antenna rolled up and tucked away in its body before it makes the cocoon.  If you were to peel layers away in the back of the caterpillar, you would see them.  When it makes the cocoon it places the wings inside the wall and then proceeds to break down.  It essentially becomes a primordial soup with it’s DNA floating around inside until it transforms and extracts the wings and antenna to complete its new form.

We found this fascinating, especially when we considered all the change that occurred this week.  Not only was the confederate flag taken down in South Carolina and Health care upheld but Marriage Equality was proclaimed for all in America. This is a serious shift in our humanity.  For some it may feel like our society is breaking down but like the caterpillar, we have been growing our beauty all along, it has just been tucked away. I am holding onto the picture of us emerging as a society that can transform and fly above prejudice, so that we can value one another above our monetary concerns.

May we recognize our intrinsic worth even in the midst of feeling like primordial goop.

Finding each other’s capacity for brilliance

I watched Finding Forrester

last night. It reminded me of how we have allowed ourselves to embrace fear and the mediocrity of our stereotyped perception of one another to determine our collective course of action. 
This latest tragedy of the Grand Jury pardoning the homicide of Eric Garner in Staten Island is a symptom of how we perceive ourselves in the spectrum of the sream. 
Others can perceive us as ignorant or undeserving and pride can make us dig our heels into a chain reaction, but how we truly see ourselves can allow a break in the chain. We can transcend our guilt and avoidance by recognizing each other’s capacity for brilliance.
We just celebrated Thanksgiving, which for many has become a tradition of stuffing ourselves to the point of falling asleep because we have a hard time acknowledging that we repaid the courtesy the Native Americans showed to the pilgrims with genocide and reservations.
We downplay the brilliance and creative genius of Blacks in America because we are ashamed of slavery and inner city poverty. White people tend to have a homicidal chip on their shoulders. This may be because white is the abscence of color and we somehow don’t feel we fit into the spectrum of colors. So, we insist that we are beyond and above it; not a part of- but separate. 
The truth is we are all a part of the natural expanding universe, a part of the stream. While all ethnicity, races, cultures and religions have some natural spice to contribute to the overall flavor of life, all of us have access to the elementary beauty of what makes us move. To be alive is to surprise even ourselves.  Our stereotypes for each other may stem from our fear of the universe having no boundaries. We are a part of that. Surrender ignorance and you risk having your mind blown. If we can handle the pain of compassion we can choose to expand our hearts into the love that also has no boundaries.
May your week yield insight beyond annoyance.


Lifting poachers out of poverty

Here was an interesting story about conservationists coming into a region and seriously reducing the poaching of elephants, lions and other wildlife by teaching the poachers and women in the community farming, carpentry, metal working and how to raise bees.
It turns out that poachers get very little for the animals, a few blankets or some food.
COMACO (Community Markets for Conservation) has given the poachers and their families, a way out of poverty into a truer community. 
Win-Win! Reducing Human Poverty Eliminates Poaching …

Over a decade ago when conservationists in Zambia figured out the connection between poverty and poaching, when they learned the reason poachers hunted game w…
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  This is yet another example of how education with an aim to eliminate poverty leads to peace on a wider scale.
These same principles can be applied to the continuous powder keg in the Middle East.  Age old differences may continue but helping people cover their basic needs reduces the need to constantly strike out.
May your week build you up and engender hope.

Stream of Light 8/20/14

What is in our mind’s eye is there as a token of what we need to learn to let go of.  All concepts are a barrier to being with the present and with our true reality.  Still, it is ok to be where we are.  Thinking is a tool, a means but not the end.  What is known in the heart when you look at the blossoms of Spring is something that goes beyond thought.  To hold all extremes in our frame and become balenced within is to know wisdom.  Getting snagged on the pettiness of one emotion or thought is to be snared and mired.  Let yourself flow in the stream of being while your dark thoughts, fears and the ageold need for revenge become funeral pyres, ashes in the stream.

Stream of Light 8-13-14

 Smile.  In an instant we can shift out of so many thoughts that serve to damage our momentum, like pot holes in the road.  Sickness is something that results from being disconnected from our source on some level.  It may bring those around us closer or it may bring us a calmer or deeper perspective but it is not the intended state of being.  Being at peace with where we are sometimes means recognizing that we are not our sickness, it does not define us.Knowing that we are light years away from the image we hold of ourselves while we are sick is the same as the smallest particle of energy being animated as if by remote control.  We are here and we are also safe and whole within and without.  The seeming paradox is explained by knowing that all things are connected and that seperation is an illusion. Focus on your blood rushing through your veins and your cells dancing and your heart beating and fathom the intricate balence of everything that occurs within a single breath.  Be at peace and smile.  This is not a denial of what is but a means to return.

King Lear Laughs

Here is a video of The Levins singing a new song inspired by King Lear: The Levins at the Towne Crier, Beacon, NY – God’s Spies
  King Lear is essentially us in our pride needing to know how much we are loved.  That which loves us the most purely and ineffably seems to remain silent while that which is false proclaims it has our best interest at heart and once we have separated ourselves from what is essential to us, we go mad.  However, if before we are lead away to our supposed doom, we recognize the love that was always there, we can walk off the stage in the fullness of our being, “..and sing and tell old tales and laugh at gilded butterflies and take upon us the mystery of things… as if we were God’s spies.”*
 *- King Lear Act 5, Scene 3- Shakespeare
Old Will Shakespeare has 157 million pages on Google that refer to him.   The wisdom and wit he managed to impart to us transcends the common wheel of daily drama.  We are suffering from the same components of our collective dumbshow as the groundlings experienced at the Globe while watching Hamlet for the first time. Yet, the perspective his plays offer us allows us to rise not only to the finest seats in the house but out through the roof and above the firmament.
Our lives are not a forgone conclusion but “One of the finest comforts that life offers us is that you can not sincerely help others without helping yourself.” – Shakespeare
“Let no one who loves be unhappy… even love unreturned has its rainbow.”  –  Shakespeare
Savor your week and may your time be as gold collected at your rainbow’s end ; )


Stream of Light 7-22-14

When out of shame or a painful memory someone unexpectedly shows you a courtesy, something simple, you are allowed to experience what has been intended for us all: Dignity and release from all cruelty.  Life is not meant to be controlled and manipulated into fear and separation. Take the laughter inherent in your heart and braid it into bread that you can feed those around you.

Endings and beginnings are subject to change, nothing is as tragic as we imagine it to be.  Life is more of a comedy than we realize.  Lighten up and proceed with the joy of your bliss.

Help get ‘Trust’ out into the world!

Click here to help get Trust out into the world : )

The Levins are a harmony-driven acoustic duo that took a leap of faith and moved to NY  (from CA) to play music full-time with a desire to uplift audiences!

They are hosting their first fundraiser for their new album – TRUST .  

The songs on Trust strike a universal chord that is inclusive and focuses on what we share as people on this planet.  The Levins’ songs offer strength, introspection and encouragement without pushing an agenda, religion or dogma. They simply celebrate the peace that comes from being in motion and remaining open to life.

By contributing to their IndieGoGo campaign, you will be doing much more than aiding in completing the recording, packaging, replication, and distribution.

“We will be making an album TOGETHER and we hope that the ripple we make will spread out concentrically until people are able to smile, despite the weather or nightly news!”- The Levins

Click here to help get Trust out into the world : )

“You’ve got to move to change the state you’re in – you’ve got to roll to strike all the pins, you’ve got to get on if you’re driving the bus – the race has begun and we must TRUST…”   Trust, The Levins

Stream of Light 7-16-14

For the periods of time when life bears down on us as if an unforgiving force, recognize that we are life itself.  Becoming cognizant of where we are responsible for our own misery can make the difference between loving the process and resigning ourselves to fate.   The sweetness of existence is the recognition of love bestowing love.