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Keep Looking Up

Remain steadfast within the change that reveals the core of your being.  We are clearing away reactions and debris to become more of what we always have been.  Each of us has something vital to bring.  The offerings we make are no longer sacrifices of life but our lives burning away what is erroneous and sharing what is essential.  The love we feel is what makes the world new.  We are shown miracles every day. When we have asked and received what was vital to our being, to acknowledge the connection of reception is to open ourselves to wholeness.
Julia and I had a meaningful visit to Northern California.  It is certainly the people who make the place, although getting to enjoy the sunset in Carmel certainly helped to substantiate the theme of the trip which was to open up to the good that is available to us.
We are thankful to have deep bonds of friendships with wise and caring folks who weather the daily obstacle course with optimism and a dedication to love.
Looking at the supernal light setting on the beach of Carmel with the waves coming in , it stuck me that, as far as we know, we are the only life-bearing planet within perhaps sixteen light years.  Shifting our focus from the downcast restrictive box that our mind tries to resign itself to as fate, we can look up with appreciation and expand our prospects.
Our prosperity, success and peace be without limit.  They can at least be much grander if we can entertain our notions with generous  hospitality.
We heard a great talk by Jeffery Anderson who recalled a time when he thought  he would be happy when he got a truck, a boat and a hot tub.  After he got them, things were the same.  Then he asked himself what the boat represented for him. Peace, freedom, connection with nature, were among his answers so he decided to manifest those. He realized he could choose to be happy first, regardless.
There is an old Jewish saying that essentially says, you can’t see the mountain with your hand in front of your face.
Our daily chores and laundry reality can be like a hand in our face, blocking us from our greater perspective and good.
May this time be one of renewal for us in which we expand our idea of what we are capable of.

A slice of the Pi and the question of happiness

Since there are no squares in nature, we are hip enough to connect our straight-edged thinking with the natural curve of things in divine proportion.  Everything comes around.  Last weekend was a happy pi slice that reminded me how many ways there are to connect to the circle.

On Friday, I was asked to cover the end of the adult service for the cantor at one of the temples I lead Tot Shabbat for.  Part of the talk was about how when parents are asked what they want for their children, most of the time the answer is for them to be happy.  The speaker suggested that we could be more concerned with them being good. It reminded me of the ethical aim of Judaism.  The thought that we don’t have to do all the work but have to do our part in repairing the world, helps us remain centered when things aren’t happy. By striving to be kind, loving and helpful, there is a deeper happiness that we get in the process.

Saturday was our NYC Trust CD release party.  Throughout the process of making this album, Julia and I have kept asking ourselves, “What’s the name of this CD?” “Trust.” “Oh yeah, right.” Trust the process. We heard from many people that they weren’t going to be able to make it and although we treated for a full house, we were a bit nervous.  Then the doors opened, and friends poured in!  There were friends from our musical community, childhood, college, California friends who had travelled from Vermont, as well as cherished friends we have made here in NY.  The performance was strengthened and charged with the love that filled the room.  It was truly a gift that we will savor.

On Sunday morning, we sang at the NY Center for Spiritual Living, (based on Science of Mind teachings by Earnest Holmes.) where a gentleman named Court gave a talk on prosperity.  He had many good points, some of which were:

  • Take time in the morning to have an intention for the day and ask for a sign to be shown to you concerning your intention.
  • Mass consciousness diminishes Self, so instead of engaging in negative water-cooler talk or taking on the weight of the news; make sure you are connecting with your inner truth.
  • Never give up despite appearances; you can be right on the brink of a break through.
  • If you want to be rich, stop shopping at Thrift stores; you are giving the universe mixed signals.  He said he will sometimes walk through Tiffany’s or the Museum of Modern Art to align himself with a feeling of beauty and affluence.  Of course, the places that will do that for each of us will be different.
  • “Never limit your life with your past experience.”- Earnest Holmes
  • “What you want is irrelevant, what you’ve chosen is at hand.”  -Mr. Spock/ Star Trek

On Monday, we watched Hector and The Search for Happiness.  We hadn’t even heard of it. It really broke us open and rounded out the ‘question of happiness’ theme that the weekend provided.

Hector and The Search for Happiness:

Since I wrote this entry on St. Patrick’s Day,

“May your troubles be less
your blessings be more
and nothing but happiness
come through the door.”