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Break the glass!

“A light must B light to C light and feel D light.” – Dr. Andrew Vidich

Dr. Andrew Vidich

While this week has felt like a marathon for Julia and I, we recognize the universe has been accelerating  to  help us manifest what we have been asking for.  Sometimes there is a conspiracy on our behalf.

Thursday night we were asked to sing two songs for a meditation class Dr. Andrew Vidich was offering at the Center for Remembering and Sharing in NYC. We have been reading a book he co-authored called Let There Be Light, which explores how the internal light that is present and transforms the individual is found within all major faiths and paths of wisdom.

Julia and I had a full and rewarding day but coming back into the city for the second time, we felt overbooked, exhausted and almost wished we hadn’t committed ourselves.

We arrived early and were there when Dr. Vidich arrived.  He was wearing a fez and a scarf, as if he was a bearded Dr. Who ready to take us out of ourselves into the expanded continuous adventure.  His smile steals over you and the twinkle in his eye makes you feel as if he might just disappear if you blink. Even his beard fans out evenly, curling out to greet you.

His talk before the meditation was about being humble. He said the poet Hafiz used to put a pebble inside a bowl every time his thoughts or actions were less than loving.  At the end of the day he would reflect and realize how full the bowl was. This was not to shame himself but to recognize that his ego was not as trustworthy as his love was.

Dr. Vidich told a wonderful story from a classic poem about Layla and Majnun. Layla was a princess and Majnun was madly in love with her. Because of the gulf in their social standing, they were not allowed to consummate their affection but their love for one another was boundless.

One day Layla announced she wanted to bestow a blessing on all of her servants. Majnun dressed as a servant and stood at the end of the line as Laila filled each of the glasses they were all given with milk. When she saw Majnun, she knocked the glass out of his hand.  Everyone felt sorry for him but Majnun was in ecstacy.  He explained to the other servants that the blessing she wanted to give him could not be contained in the small glass, so she broke it.  Layla is God or divine nature and Majun is the soul, madly in love with its source.


This reminded me of the Jewish mystic legend of the supernal light of ‘being’ filling the ten glass vessels of physical form. The glass vessels couldn’t take all that love and so they shattered. This corresponds to the Big Bang. The legend goes on to say that illuminated shards are scattered throughout the world and that we can search for them within ourselves and in each other.  This is called Tikkun Olam, which means repairing the world. The custom of breaking the glass at the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony, symbolizes the launching and formation of the expanding universe, which is just starting for the couple and a sign that their love cannot be contained in any vessel.  It is also an invitation for them to search for illumination within themselves and in those around them.

In the café downstairs after the session, Dr. Vidich said “Mysticism is everyone’s birthright.”  Mysticism  is just having a direct experience of your true nature.

He said religions were intended to help us graduate. Many organizations can become more interested in our tuition and like to keep us enrolled.  While we can enjoy the sweetness of the communities each path provides, we can also let go of all that is exclusive and promotes division.

Surely, Dr. V is not the first to talk of universal spirituality and understanding but he reminded us that the shift is really taking place. I used to feel so isolated years ago when I was attracted to the thread that runs through all the great teachings.  More and more people are opening up to some form of spirituality. There is a recognition that what unites us is a common humanity that  goes beyond our personal heritage. This is why there is such dramatic, violent fundamental clinging to politics and organized religion. We are collectively turning towards a more expansive view of ourselves and one another.

Break the glass and be open to the love that cannot be contained.

Break the glass

Wings of change

Opening the door to greater possibility for ourselves and the people we influence and care for feels like a weight-lifting session at times. With surrender, it can flow into us like a dream, like a poem. We invite our possibility in, forget that we have left the door open and are surprised when it is there.


Julia and I were listening to NPR’s Radio Lab on Saturday and they turned us onto something we didn’t  know about caterpillars turning into butterflies, namely that the caterpillar has its wings and antenna rolled up and tucked away in its body before it makes the cocoon.  If you were to peel layers away in the back of the caterpillar, you would see them.  When it makes the cocoon it places the wings inside the wall and then proceeds to break down.  It essentially becomes a primordial soup with it’s DNA floating around inside until it transforms and extracts the wings and antenna to complete its new form.

We found this fascinating, especially when we considered all the change that occurred this week.  Not only was the confederate flag taken down in South Carolina and Health care upheld but Marriage Equality was proclaimed for all in America. This is a serious shift in our humanity.  For some it may feel like our society is breaking down but like the caterpillar, we have been growing our beauty all along, it has just been tucked away. I am holding onto the picture of us emerging as a society that can transform and fly above prejudice, so that we can value one another above our monetary concerns.

May we recognize our intrinsic worth even in the midst of feeling like primordial goop.

Jonah Maccabee and saying yes to the butterfly process

This weekend we were privileged to be a part of the Jonah Maccabee concert, which our friends put on annually in honor of their son who died six years ago.  It is a celebration that raises money to send campers to summer camps for parents who cannot afford it. We were asked to not only share the bill with our friend Billy Jonas but to learn each other’s songs and perform them together.  
It was a journey to pull it off but we were fortunate enough to get to work with a bass player who works on Broadway and an incredibly talented and tasteful violin player.  Billy Jonas is hard-wired into the heart of the universe and his music and ours come from the same desire to celebrate the beauty in every path that leads to love. 
It was interesting to see myself resist the work we were putting into this show and worry that it wouldn’t come together. Despite all of my concerns, everything fell into place. 
While we were playing, I kept pulling back and realizing what a gift we had been granted. We played as a unified whole and were fully present.  It was a full house and was certainly one of the best shows we have been a part of. Nearly everyone we talked to afterwards told us how moving the night was. 
Yesterday, we heard a talk by Dr. Rima Bonario.
She talked about how when the caterpillar goes into chysalis it starts forming imaginal cells that have the butterfly code in them. The caterpillar’s immune system actually tries to kill these cells off, it resists change and its own evolution but eventually these cells become too numerous to fight off and the process takes place.
I found this significant, noticing my own resistance to the process at times.
Here are five steps she suggested for our individual evolutionary process: 
1. Accept where you are.  Resistance makes persistence.  Bless everything in your life.
2.Become aware of the stories/lies you are believing. What keeps you stuck? What are the things you say to yourself like, “That’s what you get.” or “That’s life.”  What have we settled for? We can change the stress and dis-ease. Be honest about whether you want to heal and be successful or if you would rather stay stuck to  reap the benefits of sympathy and pity assistance from others. Am I ready to be done with this?
3.Compassion for ourselves.  No matter what is going on, be kind to yourself.  (She recommended this book: What to say when you talk to yourself- Shad Helmstetter)                   Being insulting to ourselves is not motivating.  What do I need? Self love? Safety?  Give it to yourself. 
4. Shift your focus to the truth. Pivot and see the truth. (I am a butterfly in training.)  What is right about you? She referenced a text study on Positive Psychology called Strength psychologywhich focuses on our strengths so we can lead with them, rather than reinforcing our negative traits and weaknesses. Step forward with strength.
5. Practice and proove the butterfly reality to yourself.  Begin to convince yourself.  Practice whatever your freeing truth is. Be commited. String together butterfly moments. How many of these moments will you create today, this week?
  Rima E. Bonario, Th.D., is an author, workshop leader and transformative relationship mentor who is passionate about accelerating personal, professional and plane…
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Here’s to gaining and maintaining the light


Stream of Light 7-16-14

For the periods of time when life bears down on us as if an unforgiving force, recognize that we are life itself.  Becoming cognizant of where we are responsible for our own misery can make the difference between loving the process and resigning ourselves to fate.   The sweetness of existence is the recognition of love bestowing love.

Stream of Light 7-4-14

Remember that we are not here to systematically destroy ourselves and the planet but to recognize the vibration inherent in all creation.  We sing the songs of our family, countries, planet and those sing back to us as we have understood them to be.  We sing of things not yet manifested; we sing of newer hopes that complete an eon of frustrated ignorance as we slip into one where solutions are unspoken but taken up as yielded fruit.

Stream of Light 6-30-14

Where there is concentration and faith beyond dogmatic fear, there is the chance to rest within pure capacity.  We fit into destiny’s shoes where our dance augments the love that dares assert itself in the midst of danger and entertains a new thought: “I don’t have to give up my inner peace even with the threat of death’s short stint or in the midst of ignorance and fear’s bluff.”  Contemplate where we meet.  Relief is behind the excuse to hold onto self pity.

Fireflies, salt, water, sound and Dandelion Wine

Last night as I was taking out the trash, the fireflies reminded me it was a sweet summer night.  The darkness was filled with flashing pinpoints of light that drew forth the holiest of words from me, the ‘Wow’ that removes years and time, bridges childhood to now and reconnects us to wonder.  I stood outside and watched them silently as the lightning flashed softly through the trees, noticing the seeming pattern the fireflies created as if it were a natural Fibonacci sequence or a morse code.

I had been thinking of sharing two videos showing how frequency affects physical matter and the relationship between vibration and manifestation, (In the salt experiment, the higher the frequency the more complex and beautiful the geometric patterns become*) and here I was standing in the garden being taken back to summer nights at the top of my tree in the backyard, back to reading to Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine where he is out in nature and realizes he is alive:

“I’m really alive! he thought. I never knew it before, or if I did I don’t remember!…” “The world, like a great iris of an even more gigantic eye, which has also just opened and stretched out to encompass everything, stared back at him.” ― Ray Bradbury,                                                    Dandelion Wine Quotes by Ray Bradbury

Stepping outside is one of the surest ways of being able to step inside.

 Here are the two videos I wanted to share with you.  They are amazing and give me faith in the tickling creativity that winks in the darkness:

*-Salt and Sound:

Amazing Water and sound experiment:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  –Nikola Tesla

May you have a full experience unexpectedly.