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Shining out while standing within

Loving more than the myth

“See all things, not in process of becoming, but in Being, and see themselves in the other. Each being contains in itself the whole intelligible world. Therefore, All is everywhere. Each is there All, and All is each. Man as he now is has ceased to be the All. But when he ceases to be an individual, he raises himself again and penetrates the whole world.” – Plotinus (Greek Philosopher)
Hassidic dancing with the Easter Bunny
Yesterday Julia and I honored the idea of resurrection with a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and two Power Puff Girls cartoons. After that, we finished reading an article  by Ken Wilber on Integral Spirituality.
The article, based on his book Integral Spirituality reminds us that religion and spirituality have the capacity of guiding us to both grow and wake up. Even though a large portion of the world has become stuck in a place of needing their group (religion, nation, race etc.) to be the sole bearers of Truth, there is an increasing awareness that we are all here together on the planet and share more than we are aware of.   The need to believe that each holy book is historically accurate and that the stories within them are to be taken as absolute and literal, has caused us to attack one another instead of recognizing our capacity to be and share profound peace.
After spending a lovely day with friends we read about a terrorist attack on a Christian gathering.  The sting of it, reinforced the sadness of choosing to remain stuck in a level of needing to take our myths or understanding so literally that we are not able to see one another in ourselves.
As the teacher Mooji points out, my concept of ‘me’ is a myth as well. 
At the end of the article we read that morning, Ken Wilber concludes that, “evolution and love go hand in hand…The more we love, the more we flourish. The more morally sensitive we are…”
Wherever you are today, may you be gently carried by love so you can see how beautiful you and those around you really are.


Rising above the clamp-down

Lock on to what is most healing to your being.  We are in the time of trials and if we become reactive we will be swept into chaos.  Understand that what is happening is a shift of perspective and if we persist in propagating the ‘me only’ model it will not sustain us.  This is not a time for fear but for love and for greater understanding.  Surrender our reactive “I’m right, you are wrong’ seesaws.  Listen to what prompts our prompts.  Is it for more than us?   Here we get to choose which universe we sail in.  This one is determined by our next choice. 
Saturday night Julia and I played a wonderful house concert called Notes From Home.  The audience were very attentive, sang and were open, which opened us up.  We allowed ourselves not to give some of our regular introductions but expanded out. We sang and conveyed our full range of material from secret Lamed Vavniks anonymously keeping the world in balance, to ley lines, Hafiz, clowns, love, the Flamingo Tango, being the particle and the wave, being Barely Contained, Shakespeare, and world peace with more Yiddish!
With a laughing vulnerability, we explored the variance of connection.  After the show a woman who had really enjoyed the performance immensely came up to Julia and insisted on telling her that the connection did have a name, and that was Jesus.
The rock group The Clash used to sing a song called, “Working for the Clamp-Down.”  Not to downplay this woman’s faith, as many have a pure connection through Jesus; but her directive-need to label someone else’s connection for them is part of what I consider to be the clamp-down.
Through eons of parading history, countless beautiful people have augmented our connection with insights, questions, poetry, stories, paintings, music, songs, architecture, healing kindness and a myriad of other ways to connect us to the rivers, tributaries, waterfalls leading into oceans and the expansive vastness of outer and inner-space.  The clamp-down requires us to remain within the confines of a mud-puddle.
Sometimes, if we are good, we get to enjoy an ornate fountain or play in a bathtub instead but once we start prancing around inside the fountain, splashing or bring rubber ducks and ships into the tub, our imagination conjures the oceans and then it’s back to the mud-puddle.
The clamp-down is not assigned to any one religion but is utilized by anyone trying to gain control over another person’s connection to their personal source or stream.
I am a huge fan of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Each faith and practice tends to produce people who are able to do miraculous things within their connection. The wisdom held in the vaults of long standing faiths and traditions holds storehouses of treasures.  These vaults tend to be militarily guarded by those who seek to keep those treasures for themselves or may have forgotten what they are guarding and merely enjoy reaping the petty reward of having a little power.
When we go back to our roots and drag our heritage treasures into the light, we can start to see everyone else a little clearer. These stories, songs and rituals can guide us to expanding without and within so that we can leave the confines of strict personal definitions, claim our freedom and start splashing again.
Whatever name you give to your connection, may it honor you.

Stream of Light 3-30-15

The purpose of religion, spiritual practice and meditation is to bestow the message that you are the one responsible for bringing your spirit, the way the stream flows though you, into the world.  People will try to thwart you, dominate and crush your spirit. But the way the stream shines through you is not only unique; it is refreshment and benevolence to those around you.