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A little natural healing

Behind our inability to see how valuable we are, is fearless healing.  Strike lightning at doubt.  Where would you be if you were free from all doubt in this moment?


As the winter goes and things are vigorously stirred up, Julia and I are both sniffling.

I instinctively go for my mom’s remedy of Apple Cider vinegar and honey.  Julia has us gargle with warm salt water.  When I lived in El Cerrito, I lived near a Chinese mall and was turned onto Yin Chiao, an herbal supplement, which is great.

I have included three links to articles about natural healing that I found interesting.  Without going into them all, some highlights I found intriguing were Earthing, which encourages direct contact with the earth.  (The earth itself has healing properties? Get out!)  Both Judaism and Hinduism have an understanding of healing that calls for a natural alignment of our energy with nature itself. There is an example in the Torah of Moses being told to throw a small amount of a bitter branch into bitter water to clear it up so the people could drink it. Like curing like.  The idea of homeopathic remedies stem from this.  A small amount of the disease diluted and shaken in water until the essence (or the spirit, if you will) of the medicine is left to treat the illness without the side effects.

Love of course is the best healer, doing what you love, being with those you love and being loving to yourself with perhaps a nice bowl of soup, good book or a warm bath.  If none of these works, well then… go see the doc ; )

Julia has given me my fourth pint of water and chanted, “Drink! Drink!” while I chugged it. Next I’ll take out the compost, in my bare feet… Earthing baby!

May you be healthy, healthy, healthy!

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“One act of kindness can overcome fate.”