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Signal awareness

Become your own assistance, not the drowning victim but the rescuing vessel. In the acceleration of madness, we can be the islands of sanity that come together to form a new continent of hope that supports life and kindness.

My Uncle Jeff was a humorous and noble sage.  One day he warned me to put a protection around myself while listening to sad music. He said that music was one of the most powerful conduits of energy and while it had the ability to transport us into higher realms, connect us to our essential selves, it could also keep us trapped in a limited perspective.

This was a time when I was enjoying riding around in the car listening to Joni Mitchell and early Steely Dan, reveling in a lonely melancholia.  He wasn’t telling me not to listen but to put a protection around myself so I didn’t take on the emotions internally and be influenced by them without awareness.

This can be applied to movies as well. Yesterday was Monday, which is often the weekend for Julia and I after lots of gigs.  We made wonderful brunch and watched a beautiful movie that was incredibly depressing. We had to consciously pull ourselves out of the vortex.  The day before we saw Tomorrowland which has a similar take-away message.  We are taking in a stream of messages from entertainment and media and it is helpful to put a protection around us; to consciously remember and choose where we would like to be within and without.

Conscious Choices and heightened results!