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Congruent Independence

I hope your Independence Day was intertwined with those you love and that you had a moment or two of meaningful introspection.  Adrian Belew, a musical hero of mine, sang about the Inner Revolution.
Beyond the fireworks and beer, (which are grrreat) we have the chance to remember a small group of farmers facing the most powerful army in the world and defeating a tyrant. They were able to set up the first nation without a king that has allowed its people freedom of choice.  At this stage in the game, we can recognize that the tyrant isn’t always played by someone external to ourselves but can be our own fear and ego demanding that we stay in subjugation to a lifestyle or manner of being that prevents us from being authentic and truthful.  Freedom is still a matter of choice.
I had to laugh at myself this weekend when I made up my mind to stop doing business with someone who was not upholding my best interest at heart. I wrote this individual and then with firm conviction called them and folded at their barrage of practiced wiles. I have written again and trust that I will be able to go on successfully but it has put me in touch with my fear of confrontation and needing to please people.
A friend yesterday made me laugh by saying ‘feel your anxiety and then go about your business, it will be waiting for you.’  
Ben, George and the boys (and girls) didn’t defeat their tyrant overnight.  They banded together and fought hard to win over their shadow reality. We are fighting harder today, or more accurately, we are in need of fighting harder today. 
One of the great Spiritual warriors, Caroline Myss says that we don’t want to give up our shadow and dark habits.  “People trust the dark far more than they trust the light.  They get no buzz off the light. It’s not erotic. It’s not sexy.  It’s not sensual. The dark is all those things, and people know how to maneuver in the dark.  They know it protects them.  They know a lie is safer than the truth.”
She talks about being congruent. “Congruent means that what you say, what you think, and what you do are in alignment with your spiritual and soul values, so they all work together. To be congruent, you really have to put effort into paying attention to the relationship between what you think, say, and do.” –Caroline Myss
Here’s to Live, Liberty and the congruent pursuit of Happiness!