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The music of our unmarred wholeness

I finally got to see Love and Mercy about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. It really illuminates how his genius was intertwined with a high level of sensitivity; an enlightened perception that became madness when the delicate balance needed to maintain his musical vision was upset by various external factors. What stuck me was how much one person in our lives bringing love and mercy can overcome the bludgeoning effects of cruelty and the ego’s need to dominate joy.

Brian can hear music in his head and is able to translate what he hears to other musicians. This is his way of connecting to his source.

Whatever we call our source, from love to the stream, by opening up our hearts and aligning our being with the music of our unmarred wholeness and sending it out in waves, we can alleviate suffering in the world.

“We think we are separate individuals and so all of our actions are involved in maintaining this separateness. Protecting it, feeding it, clothing it, moving it around and everything we do actually keeps that illusion of separateness going. That’s who I am, I’m me and your you; it’s obvious isn’t it? Yea, they say. On one level it’s obvious but people who know say there’s only one of us. And so if we are not planting seeds that are going to reveal that oneness to us, we are simply perpetuating our own pain because all of suffering comes from being lost in separateness.”- Krishna Das

Krishna Das: Sewing Seeds of Oneness:

May your music, whatever that is for you, not only be heard but plant the seeds that grow into a tree whose roots break up the concrete of separateness.