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Facing the bully within

Talking with my friend Angie Sunday night we discussed not allowing ourselves to be bullied. She said her bully these days was herself.  We laughed and she described the thoughts that came in and told her what she needed to do.
“It’s time to move somewhere else…do this and that.”  She said, when it is time to move, it will become apparent to her. She doesn’t need to become stressed out about that or force herself into conventionality.  I pointed out that some of it is intuition but when we can recognize the thoughts and ideas for what they are, we can act on them or let go and be aware of when they are manifesting, especially if they are something we actually want and are not being coerced into by our mind along with unconscious society expectations and pressures. If Angie didn’t originally acknowledge that she was having thoughts of moving, then when she gets the opportunity or it manifests, she might have said, “Whoa, what is this?”
It reminds me of Immaculée Ilibagiza  who was miraculously survived with seven other women in a small bathroom during the Rwandan genocide. Logically, there is no way any of them should have lived. The house they were staying in was searched thoroughly by angry mobs several times.  Immaculee, surrendered entirely to her faith and in the midst of what seemed a hopeless plight, had the thought that she needed to learn English.  She had never even considered going to America or any English speaking country but she asked and was given books and studied.  Now, she is an American citizen and tours throughout the world lecturing as an author and recipient of the Mahatma Gandhi Reconciliation and Peace Award.
Learning to recognize our inspired intuitive thoughts and acting on them despite them being out of the blue is different from becoming a slave or being bullied by our mind dictating what it thinks we should be doing. So often, I yearn for more time and when I get it there is a panic and my mind tries to fill the time and dictate what I should do rather than allowing me to embrace the time with what either I am being guided towards or allowing myself to be and see what bubbles up naturally.
 Dav Pilkey had ADHD as a child and was often forced to sit out in the hallway during school for being disruptive in the classroom.  He would sit in the hall and draw his own comic books.  His playing around, not being bullied by his stigma of being literally outcast, resulted in the successful Captain Underpants series. Not as prestigious as the Mahatma Gandhi award perhaps but it does bring in its share of smiles and combats bullies with great pranks.
Angie said, that she works so hard with her clients and with her responsibilities at home that she wants to make sure that with the limited free time she has that she is getting to choose the thoughts she is entertaining rather than allowing her mind to force them on her.
Here is to being a good host to our intuitive thoughts, regardless of how strange they are, and to standing up to bullies inside and out.