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Setting an intention to succeed

By making the choice to be here we are activating a clarity that brings a calm so exciting, it transcends the light spectrum with a whole new box of colors to play with.
It’s probably not wise to go chasing a charmed day but when it happens it is sweet to pull back and acknowledge it and if you are in the midst of it, bliss.
Saturday, we had a charmed day.  We had a heightened sense of connection and were aware of how smoothly everything went.  Julia started the day by she saying was open to thoughts and energy that were moving us forward in a wonderful way.  There is a Jewish word called Kavanah, which denotes the setting of an intention to overcome separation. It becomes a mind and heart set that turns the prayer, meditation, ritual or day into an opportunity to connect and expand.
Julia shared an article and a TED talk with me, which are about establishing an intention.  One is about a self-made millionaire who is saying that “Most people choose to play small.” Fear and scarcity-based thinking drives us to have just enough money to pay the bills and no more.
“Big thinking and big actions lead to having both money and meaning.”
-T. Harv Eker
Deborah Frances-White’s TED talk is for anyone who ever performs or talks in front of people.  It shows you how the simplest shifts in the body and our thinking can transfer stage fright or self-consciousness into charisma.  By setting an intention, the seasoned speaker, comedian, or performer seeks to change the feeling in the room rather than asking the room to help them get through the experience.  Instead of worrying about how we are doing, we are focused on what we are doing for those around us.
Julia has started noticing when the negative mind set and beliefs start parading in.  She tells them, “No, go away. I’m only allowing in what is moving me towards my best self.”  This is a practice we are taking up together. 
“Hey, let’s be big today! We’ll travel all around, chasing troubles away. They’ll never see us coming. They’ll wonder why they’re humming. Come on, what you say?  Let’s be big today!”
– The Levins