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Bon Apetit Jered Nelson! and “Put down your phone, pick up a poem!”

Last week I wrote about my friend Jered, who is expanding his pottery business and training and hiring local potters.
He didn’t make his kickstarter goal but because he and his family put it out into the universe that they needed a specific amount of money and were open to receiving it, it came through in a different form.  Happily, this week a couple of investors loaned them exactly what they needed and Bon Apetit magazine is going to do something about Jered!
“Funny how that happens,” his wife Sarah Kobrinsky said.
This is an amazing example of how when we come to a place of knowing what we want to manifest and decide it is going to happen and are not shaken by appearances, but remain fully engaged, we can recognize our good when it comes to us and take it up with discernment and gratitude.  Julia often reminds me to ask for the best thing to happen for everyone involved.
Sarah also has a project as the Poet Laureate of Emeryville which is Poems on the Emery Go-Round, (the free shuttle bus service in Emeryville.)  Their tagline is:
“Put down your phone, pick up a poem!”
The city just approved her Call for Submissions and here is the link:

If you are a poet or know a poet in the SF Bay Area, please pass this on!

Jered Nelson- An artisan upholding a long-time tradition while creating jobs

Our good friend Jered Nelson, who is married to the beloved poet (and poet laureate of Emeryville, CA,) Sarah Kobrinsky, is one of the hardest working honest folks we know.  He has been a potter for 25 years and worked for a successful time-honored pottery company but became disillusioned when they were bought out and the new owners started shipping out the bulk of their work overseas and not respecting their workers. He left and started his own pottery company and has single handedly built his reputation in the SF Bay area and beyond.  He has recieved so many orders he needs to expand and hire 10 (local) workers to make sure he can keep his business authentically hand-crafted.  He has started a model for other artists to expand their business and create more local jobs for their communities.  Knowing Jered, he will be successful on all levels but this transition is a difficult one for any independent artist.
He has a kickstarter campaign that will get him over the hump so that he does not have to do the work of ten folks as he has been doing for years, but can create meaningful jobs for others in his community.
Today is my good friend Daniel Angus Cox’s birthday and although he passed away earlier this year, he still is laughing brightly in the hearts of all who knew him.  He was a beautiful person who never said anything bad about anyone and really cared for his neighbors, friends and family.  Here is a reel of some of his acting jobs:
May your week be intertwined with others in the most meaningful way.