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The spotlight and the shield

musicianPursue life from the vantage point of being assured of success. What would you bestow to us? We are not cut off, defined, fated and sealed but are tremendous canyons, vistas, spaces to see across and down into.  Ruminate on boundless fulfillment that flows through us slowly.  Slow enough to savor and water the gardens we face.

I had two interesting conversations this weekend about what happens when people become, or are on the verge of becoming famous.  The talks were specifically about Jazz musicians and rock bands but the principle is fairly universal.  So many times people work for years at their craft, driving along under the cover of anonymity and all at once they are exposed and vulnerable.  The sudden spotlight can cause one to panic and seek the seeming necessity for a shield.  The shield can be the traditional spike in alcohol/drug consumption or the untoward inflammation of the ego.  Many talk of feeling like a phony and worry that they will be found out, exposed as hollow.  The twist is recognizing that when we are hollowed out, we can become full of the inspiration that seeks to pour itself into us and share that.  In one of the conversations, we concluded that what saves the ones who seek to avoid tragedy and embrace longevity is the work itself.  To recognize our various crafts as a job that we have been given the honor of performing, we can focus on the process.  Having faith in ourselves in terms of our ability to perform the tasks of preparation, creation, and delivery in a cyclical manner, allows us to present the best of what we are without getting derailed by trying to hold up a statue of what we imagine is the public’s image of us.

Regardless of where we are in the public’s view, we can still focus on the work.  Our time here can be a workshop in which we produce beautiful moments that we share with one another; moments that can be drawn upon when we are reaching for a shield.

Bright Moments.