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Transparently formless in this form

Even now we are still holding back from what we can become.  We are held in place through repetitive habitual thought and action but where we are within the parameters of choice allows for this moment to be pure.
Doubt provides space for new input.  Notice how you feel when things do not come to you right away.  Guidance comes in subtle forms as well as in blaring announcements.  
Figure this into the equation: Once we have committed to believing we can be of service, we are.  
Present yourself to your week as if you are an apprentice. Learn the craft of listening to what your life presents moment to moment and see the pattern behind the scheduled comprehension you have previously trained yourself to expect. 
As we binge-watched Transparent with my folks down in Florida, a notion cropped up. Perhaps people are born into “the wrong body” to teach us both not to be defined by form as well as offering the rest of us the opportunity to become more understanding.  The show follows one families’ journey through confusion and depression towards generational healing and liberation. 
While in Florida I also started to read Rami Shapiro’s Open Secrets, in which he relates that despite being a successful published author with a thriving congregation, Rami got depressed and didn’t know why. He was told by his rabbi that he had to start reaching out beyond his Jewish readers, that he had to bring Judaism to those spiritually seeking outside the tribe.  
We have varying degrees of privilege which will not keep us from sadness for the human condition is temporal.  There is suffering but we are all being called on in our own way to teach one another not to be defined by form while we become more loving.
As we journey into the new year, may we not be seduced by exhaustion and complacency but be lifted up with the possibility of embracing our formless expansion that hugs us beyond our labels, stories and excuses.
Happy New Year