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Flipping the switch- turning ‘me’ off for freedom

Sri Nisargadatta: “You are not experiencing suffering; you are suffering your experiencing.”
Mooji: “As long as you believe you are the body and your mind is your self, you will remain bound…
…If you hold to the intuition, the sense ‘I am’, and do not allow this to connect with any other concept, if you just let the ‘I am’ incubate in itself, immediately joy and space prevail. Spontaneously, there is the silent and intuitive conviction that confirms, ‘I am timeless, unbound being.’ This is not a teaching; it is a powerful inner experience. Inexplicable.”*-  *from Before I AM/ Mooji
This week I have been experimenting with what Mooji is describing above.  That is leaving the identification with my name, status, and endless neurotic traits to actively be inside a happy conscious spaciousness.  The ability to lay down the burden of ‘me’ is wonderful.  As I described last week, I am not able to do this all the time but I’ve been playing with the idea of flipping a switch and turning ‘me’ off and turning on ‘I am’.  It has been especially fun doing it while playing music.  So often as a performer, I have been chained to what the audience thinks of ‘me’ and how I am doing.  We often talk about doing great things when we get ourselves out of the way. This wide-open waking meditative connection with what is here without my body and mind demanding to be center stage, is very satisfying, loving and doesn’t prevent anything from getting done.
The challenge is remembering and being able to flip the switch.  Sometimes it is a light switch, sometimes it is a weighted lever, sometimes my mind convinces me not to want to.
This particular take on connecting to the stream is new to me but of course, it is very ancient.  In being able recognize that our form is just cosmic play- changing, decaying, reforming, we can celebrate our diversity not as tolerance but as the kaleidoscope winking at our ‘eye/I’.
With this in mind, here is a lyrical take on the Gettysburg Address from the play Hair:
Four score and seven years ago
Oh, sock it to em’ baby, your sounding better all the time
Our forefathers, I mean all our forefathers
Brought forth upon this continent a new nation.
Oh, come on and stroke me Stokely*!
Conceived, conceived like we all was, in liberty
And dedicated to the one I love
I mean, Dedicated to the proposition
That aaaaall men….honey, I tell you all men,  are created equal.”
-Abe, Baby
And women too, of course!
Formless in form, let the play begin!
*- “There is a higher law than the law of the government. That’s the law of conscience.”
– Stokely Carmichael