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People in our world today are in need of as much compassion as we can personally bestow. Quite often we face one another over a chasm of seeming opposition. We can build bridges in our lives with members of our family and friends whose political, religious or philosophical viewpoint is different from ours.  Life can be a game of semantics. Everyone uses their own set of vocabulary words that make them feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes we need a neutral term for our internal guidance system that honors different beliefs.

This blog uses the term the Stream of Light to describe this internal guidance system.


There is a stream of light that flows through each of us.  That is, we each have something inside that can ground and guide us.  This stream is at once, unique as a snowflake and universal as water. It is constantly in motion, connecting us to innate wisdom while offering to carry away our suffering.

We stand in the current of this stream at all times but, with the internal chatter of our anxieties, and the restless distraction of the world around us, it is drowned out, or perceived as white noise.  Through silence and intention, we can each tune into the stream, call it whatever we like and, essentially, give ourselves good advice.

The Stream of Light blog includes some post-meditation stream entries but seeks to highlight the perspectives of other people who are making the world a brighter place through their dedicated benevolence and creative caring.

The articles here strive to illuminate the diversity and the enormous, beneficial reservoir of understanding that we share. By highlighting the artwork and literature of thought leaders and dynamic viewpoints, we draw closer together with those who seem to hold contrary beliefs.  Stream of Light is a resource for compassion.  It is a reminder that we are not as different as we seem.

– Ira Scott Levin


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